Matt May bio image

Matt is a Hair Designer. Four years ago he came to the west coast, fell in love with it and decided to set up shop here in Vancouver.

Matt loves hair, all kinds of hair, your hair, everybodys’ hair...
he's PASSIONATE about it!


Using his extensive experience and training, his ultimate goal is to ensure that every one of his clients possesses a healthy, sexy head of it. That hair you see on television and in the movies? ...THAT is what you'll be showing off when Matt gets finished with you.

Whether he‘s one-on-one with you, on a photoshoot or behind the scenes at
a fashion show (Eco Fashion Week 2010), Matt brings all of his talent, style and consumate professionalism to the table. You can ask him for anything. Any era. Any culture. Any trend. He knows it and brings it to life with his own unique touch and you walk away looking FABULOUS!


CONTACT MATT for a consultation! You will not be disappointed.